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BAND-ITŪ Clamping Application Index
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  • Banding to securely attach materials to items
  • Banding to tightly attach a fitting to a hose
  • Banding to tightly attach something (around) another thing

Shield Clamping

Auto Heat Sound Shield

Exhaust Shield Commercial Vehicle

Exhaust Shield ATV / Snowmobiles

Hose Clamping

Hose Clamping - Chemical

Hose Clamping - Civil Infrastructure

Hose Clamping - Construction / Commercial

Hose Clamping - Construction / Residential

Hose Clamping - Manufacturing Food & Beverage

Hose Clamping - Manufacturing Other

Hose Clamping - Water Resources & Treatment

Hose Clamping - Mining & Metals

Hose Clamping - Oil & Gas Distribution

Hose Clamping - Oil & Gas Extraction

Hose Clamping - Oil & Gas Processing

Hose Clamping - Power Generation

Hose Clamping - Process Industry

Other Clamping

Bridge Cable Clamping

Pile Wrap Clamping

Clamping Abrasion Shielding

Transformer Clamping

Sonar Arrays Clamping

Hose Clamping - Ship & Rig Building

Clamp Nozzle to Center Pivot Irrigation

Vehicle Airbags

Dryer Drums

Pulp & Paper Bleaching Drum



Hose Clamping - Rail & Light Rail

Pipe Patches

Clamp Nozzles to Cooling Tower Distribution Lines


Hose Clamping - Commercial Vehicle

Motorcycle / ATV / Snowmobile Boot Clamping

Hose Clamping - Light Vehicle

Aftermarket CV Boot Clamping

Light Vehicle CV Boot Clamping

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