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Essential Applications: Sign and Signal Mounting

May 29. 2020 | Essential Applications

In high theft or storm prone municipalities, BAND-IT Band and Buckle are replacing U-Bolts for theft deterrence and wind resistance. The other benefit to municipalities is that bands are cut to size, meaning the same roll of band can be applied on a wide variety of pole sizes and shapes reducing SKUs and inventory.

Essential Applications: Solar Farms Replace Nylon Ties with Metal

May 21. 2020 | Essential Applications

Essential. Everywhere. Together. 

Several installers of solar farms looked to BAND-IT for a better solution that would match the lifespan of the photovoltaic panels and replaced nylon ties with Ball-Lok ties in their cable management.

Essential Applications: Protecting Servicemembers with Mine Field Clearing Devices

May 14. 2020 | Essential Applications

Essential. Everywhere. Together. 

Smooth profile clamps from BAND-IT secure the explosive cord in mission-critical military device protecting our Servicemembers

Essential Applications: Pulp and Paper Drum Filters

May 06. 2020 | Essential Applications

Essential. Everywhere. Together. 

BAND-IT’s products are used in a number of critical applications in the industries defined as “essential” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) including health care, agriculture, and defense.

For example, our 317L Stainless Steel banding is used in the pulp and paper industry to secure membrane filters on rotary drum filtration machines. 

Statement on the Coronavirus

March 16. 2020

Currently we are open and shipping product, but as this is a dynamic situation, that could change. In addition, we are working with our suppliers, logistics partners, and local government to understand and limit potential disruptions within our business.  


The Force is Strong … With These Clamps

January 15. 2020 | Joining Solutions, Product News

At BAND-IT, we take pride in the performance of our fastening solutions. Clamps such as Tie-lok® Ties, JR® Clamps and Dual-Lokt® clamps are used worldwide in highly critical applications with a high cost of failure, so keeping track of clamp performance is imperative. 

To ensure optimal performance, we measure and keep track of several forces before, during and after clamping. In this article we’ll talk about two of the most important forces and why we use them.

Tips to Operate the UL4000-D Like a Pro

December 20. 2019 | Product News

Part of the BAND-IT Ultra-Lok® system, the UL4000-D cordless tool is ideal for mobile installation of bands in the shop or out in the field. For new users, training on the UL4000-D takes just a few minutes. For those familiar with the tool, we offer some tips to operate the tool like a pro and avoid some of the common issues new users encounter:  

• Overcoming stroke limitations
• Increasing gripper life
• Reducing band jamming

Joining Solutions. How Do They Compare?

October 01. 2019 | Joining Solutions

If your application is frequently exposed to atmospheric elements such as temperature fluctuations, vibration and corrosion, read on for our comparison of some of the most popular joining solutions. 

Maximum Diameter Reduction of Clamps Offer Best Flexibility and Reduced SKU Counts for Operators

September 18. 2019 | Joining Solutions

When attaching objects together with metal banding products, the size and variation of the objects often determines the type of attachment clamps.  Variation in the circumference of the object or installation process can cause some attachment methods to increase the number of SKU’s (stock keeping unit) required and thus increasing the complexity of the operations.  The amount of diameter reduction available can also drastically increase the number of SKU’s for operators and production processes.

Is BAND-IT Really "Essentially Everywhere"?

August 22. 2019 | Product News

BAND-IT describes its products as being "Essentially Everywhere" and that held true for Inside Sales Rep Jakub, who noticed a surprising amount of BAND-IT Bands in use in just one block of his neighborhood in Arvada, Colorado.