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From the hot end of an exhaust system to the deployment of a side curtain airbag, BAND-IT® has supplied its customers with the most capable automotive fastening solutions for their demanding applications.

"We look at BAND-IT as problem solvers, we don’t just look at them as a provider of a part. We turn to them as a partner when we have problems and our customers have problems."

- BAND-IT Customer | Glendale, CA, USA


Tie-Lok® Ties

Tie-Lok® Ties

Tie-Lok® Ties securely attach exhaust heat shields without failure and without the warranty expense of replacing exhaust components.

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  • 304 stainless steel expands and contracts with the thermal cycle of the exhaust system
  • High heat resistance threshold withstands temperatures from 400-1600 F
  • Joins dissimilar materials and conforms to irregular shapes with a 360 connection
  • Eliminates the risk of welding failure or worm gear-style clamps loosening from vibration
  • Proven to survive the 10-year/100,000-mile warranty threshold
Dual-Lokt® Clamps

Dual-Lokt® Clamps

Combined with the iCS pneumatic tool, Dual-Lokt® Clamps provide a consistent and verifiable method to attach airbags to inflators and inflators to mounting brackets.

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  • Offers repeatable and verifiable tension for assemblies and consistently meets government regulations for side curtain airbag deployment
  • Retained Force values of 2.5 times greater than traditional "pinch ear" clamps
  • Low profile aids packaging airbag modules in vehicle architecture and allows more packaging room for Head Impact Criteria (HIC) countermeasures
  • Extreme clamp diameter reduction reduces inventory
  • Eliminates repetitive motion injuries during installation
Intelligent Clamping System (iCS) Pneumatic Tool

Intelligent Clamping System (iCS) Pneumatic Tool

When used to install Dual-Lokt® Clamps, the iCS Pneumatic Tool offers advanced data feedback that allows you to effectively monitor your airbag assembly process.

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  • Verify tension and repeatability with data output and feedback
  • PLC Integrated design
  • Store multiple clamp setups and program settings such as maximum and hold tension, hold delay before cutoff, etc.
  • Install multiple clamps simultaneously
Junior® Smooth ID Preformed Clamps

Junior® Smooth ID Preformed Clamps

Made from materials that meet ASTM standards, Junior® Smooth ID clamps are used as permanent attachments specific to PCV valve and other emissions hose assemblies..

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  • High loop tensile strength and vibration-resistant lip wrap lock
  • Permanent and secure locking mechanisms
  • Withstands extreme temperatures, vibration and corrosive environments


Case Study

Dual-Lokt Intelligent Clamping System

Case Study

Tie-Lok® Fasteners - A "Cool Solution" for the Hot End of Exhaust

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