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BAND-IT History
It started over 75 years ago

On June 10, 1937, in the state of Colorado, BAND-IT was born. Two months later, BAND-IT officially launched on August 10, 1937 in a little shop with a dirt floor in Littleton, Colorado. Products such as stainless steel banding and the C00169 standard banding tool were designed and manufactured in an effort to supply high quality band & buckle to the hose market as a solution to creating consistent and durable hose assemblies.

BAND-IT quickly maximized its manufacturing capabilities and was forced to move to its present location here in Denver, Colorado. As supply and demand continued to grow through distribution within the Americas, BAND-IT quickly became known as "The Clamping Experts".

Mahn retired from BAND-IT in 1961, whereby turning the controls over to President, Val Lodholm. Lodholm continued building the BAND-IT brand through growing distribution channels and producing an assortment of clamps that fit a wider range of specifications. Lodholm eventually sold BAND-IT to Houdaille Industries (pronounced as Hoo-dye). In 1979, Pete Merkel became the next BAND-IT President and developed relationships throughout Europe in an effort to reveal new markets and grow the BAND-IT brand globally.

Today, BAND-IT is acknowledged as the world's leader in quality engineered band clamping and fastening solutions.  BAND-IT, a unit of IDEX Corporation, has a global network of sales and manufacturing facilities serving users worldwide.

Holbrook Mahn



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