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Essential Applications: Protecting Servicemembers with Mine Field Clearing Devices

May 14.2020 | Essential Applications

Essential. Everywhere. Together. 

Smooth profile clamps from BAND-IT secure the explosive cord in mission-critical military device protecting our Servicemembers

The United States military utilizes a specialized device called an APOBS (Anti Personnel Obstacle Breaching System) to clear dangerous mine fields of explosive devices. The device is utilized by foot soldiers in ground combat situations to provide cleared pathways for travel by deploying a series of grenades linked in a fabric sleeve to provide a 3’ wide path for 135’. The mortar propelled string of grenades detonates any explosive devices in range.

JS2019-blogThe BAND-IT Edge

• BAND-IT JR Smooth ID clamps secure the explosive cord
• Smooth, low profile fastening method prevents hand injury
• Deployed by ground troops in the field, so strength and
  reliability of the clamp are critical
• ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturing

Product Features

• Smooth edges for safe handling
• Lightweight, high strength to size ratio
• Low profile 0.030” thickness of band
• Smooth, low-profile buckle allows for glove-less
• Installation tool provides consistent tensioning


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