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For the most demanding applications, trust the quality, durability and diverse fastening capabilities of BAND-IT.

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Junior Smooth ID Clamps

Feature a unique buckle nest and smooth ID design which reduces leak paths


Multi-Lok Ties

Stainless steel cable ties designed for superior performance in extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, salt spray conditions and UV light exposure

Alloy 625 Junior® Smooth ID Preformed Clamps

Leak-resistant design provides superior corrosion resistance in subsea environments for applications such as hose clamping and reservoir monitoring devices


Precut and assembled band for subsea banding applications such as VIV strakes, pier & piling, riser protectors, insulation, and more


Junior® Smooth ID Preformed Clamps

Used as permanent attachments specific to PCV valve and emissions hose assemblies

Dual-Lokt® Clamps

Provides a consistent and verifiable method for attaching airbag inflators to mounting brackets and airbag cushions to inflators

Tie-Lok® Ties

Securely attach exhaust heat shields without failure and without the warranty expense of replacing exhaust components


316 Stainless Steel Uncoated Band

Provides superior corrosion resistance in fresh water and typical atmospheres and is ideal for use in marine splash zones.


201 Stainless Steel Uncoated Band

The standard choice for hanging traffic signals, managing cables or lines, and securing signage.

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The sky isn’t even the limit.

BAND-IT is on space shuttles, underwater cabling, energy pipelines, and on top of mountains. We are on military applications like planes, choppers, submarines, tanks and jeeps. We are also on your domestic vehicles. We hold up traffic signs and signals, and we have traveled to Mars. There is very little we can’t connect, and we are ready to engineer a fastening solution specific to your application – from the ocean floor to the cosmos!

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Not all bands are created equally.

Although technology and innovation has changed the world during the last 80 years, what hasn’t changed is the need to put two components together. BAND-IT stainless steel band clamps and fastening products are now being used in more harsh-duty applications around the world than ever thought possible. When performance is critical, BAND-IT’s experience and expertise helps companies solve the challenges of today and imagine the possibilities of the future.