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Deep Dive into Customer Requirements Leads to New Applications in Europe

June 13.2023 | Product News

BAND-IT’s European team recently identified an opportunity to provide a better solution to rail companies as they installed European Train Control System (ETCS) transponders across their railroad infrastructure.  ETCS modernizes and standardizes signal and control safety systems across Europe and aims to improve safety across rail networks by allowing control centers to monitor trains across an entire system. The system can also stop the train automatically in the event the driver is incapacitated or fails to follow in-cab instructions. Similar systems are being implemented on railways worldwide.

To fully understand the requirements of the transponder installation, BAND-IT Sales and Engineering team members met with our existing railroad customers and then with the 3rd party installation contractors. It was immediately clear that the proposed method for securing the transponders was clunky and time consuming. With a transponder needed at regular key track intervals, a slow, inconsistent installation would be costly and presented an opportunity for BAND-IT to introduce a better method.

At the end of 2022, a BAND-IT rail customer connected us with a major transponder manufacturer, getting our team access to their engineering team, which was open to trials with our products. The solution selected by BAND-IT and the transponder company was to utilize the ULTRA-LOK® banding system due to its high retained force, theft deterrence, as well as cordless installation tool for portability out in the field.

The result was significant: a reduction in installer hours and consistent installation resulting in major cost savings. The ULTRA-LOK system is now included in technical specs for the transponder itself. 

With around 210,000 km of rail lines across Europe, and much more in Africa, and the Middle East,  the opportunities for growth are significant. And beyond railroads, the team is now looking to apply the same strategic approach for shipyards, communication sea cable, and energy applications.

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