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BAND-IT Preformed Tie-Lok Ties - The ideal solution for "Line-of-Sight" Hydraulic Hose Sleeving

September 14.2023 | Product News

All hydraulic hoses can burst or develop pin hole leaks due to pressure surges, crushing, kinking, or improper installation, therefore heavy equipment operator safety is dependent on “Line-of-Sight” sleeving that encases hydraulic hoses and is intended to disperse fluids that escape during a hose burst or pinhole leak as specified in ISO 3457 and EN982 ISO norm 833 EN414. The hydraulic fluid in these hoses can exceed 3,000 PSI in addition to often operating at elevated temperatures (>212F in cases) and the velocity of the escaping fluid from a pinhole can exceed 600 feet per second, comparable to bullet leaving a gun!

In order to ensure the performance of this lifesaving safety sleeving, it must be securely fastened in place. Nylon zip ties and other attachment methods might not hold the sleeving securely for the life of the hose leading to dangerous work conditions for the operator.  BAND-IT’s ¼” Tie-Lok tie (also called a Universal clamp) is preformed for quick installation on hydraulics and other small diameter hose assemblies.

Per ISO 3457, hose guards are required at a minimum on hoses exceeding 5000 kPa (725 psi) or temperatures above 60C (140F) that are located within 1.0 meter of the operator in normal operating position.  Additional protective sleeving and coiling are often added in high abrasion or vibration areas.

Securing your “Line-of-Sight” sleeving to your fittings with a Tie-Lok tie will ensure permanent attachment around the full perimeter of the hose fitting, with a low profile buckle design that reduces snags and no sharp edges to cause injuries or abrasion to nearby hoses.  Tie-Lok ties can be rapidly installed in a production environment with the IT1000-C pneumatic tool or in the field with the convenient A92079 hand tool, making installations easy where ever the clamp is needed.

IT1000-C is a 5 lb handheld pneumatic tool which is effective in high volume production environments, capable of completing an installation every 2-5 seconds depending on fixturing & trigger / foot petal options.  The IT1000-C & all of the IT Series tools from BAND-IT are ergonomically designed and can be operated with a thumb button, foot, hand, or other remote trigger options.  The tool can also be fixtured with a counter balance, or other mounting methods to optimize the hose assembly process.

The A92079 is a 1.04lb hand tool which can be used to easily install Universal Clamps or Tie-Lok Ties in hard to reach positions or for field repairs.  The hand tools offer an affordable and portable solution for hydraulic hose assembly repairs or hard to reach applications fastening directly onto the equipment.

Whether you are producing hundreds of the same hydraulic hose assemblies every day, or intermittent repairs of hoses of various diameters in the field, the BAND-IT Universal Clamp & installation tools will add value to your operation by improving consistency of installations, reliability of the assembly, and production throughput from your assembly process. 

Contact BAND-IT today to see how we can integrate this solution into your hose assembly process.