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BAND-IT Expands The It-Series With The New IT7000 1/4" TIE-LOK® Precision Installation Tool

June 13.2023 | Product News

Last year, BAND-IT introduced precision and data tracking to TIE-LOK® customers with the IT8000. Now BAND-IT expands the IT-Series with the new IT7000 1/4″ TIE-LOK Precision Fastening Tool.  The IT7000 is designed for the automotive exhaust market and is available for any high-volume TIE-LOK application.

The tool features enhancements over previous tools which significantly increase productivity and quality by greatly reducing costly inspections. Users can easily verify clamp installation, track maintenance cycles, and monitor system performance with the onboard PLC.

     • CAPABLE stronger clamping force

     • VERIFIABLE clamp installation

     • REPEATABLE accuracy to meet takt time

     • DATA TRACKING ensures integrity of finished assembly and maintenance cycle monitoring

     • DURABLE robust independent clamping system for less wear and tear

Visit the IT7000 1/4″ TIE-LOK Precision Fastening Tool Page for more information.