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BAND-IT is the Trusted Fastening Solution at Denver’s Airports Then and Now

June 24.2021

Sure BAND-IT started serving the hose market in 1937, but what you might not know is that even early on our bands solved critical joining problems in other industries as well. In fact, BAND-IT products were used in a unique way at Stapleton International Airport, Denver’s first international airport, and today are used in its successor, Denver International Airport in both common and one-of-a-kind applications. 

If you are old enough to remember Denver’s Stapleton Airport (it closed in 1995), you’ll also remember the iconic lighted railings on the airport ramps. The railings (sometimes referred to as guardrails) ran along the left edge of the roadway and had a dual function of adding light to the roadway but also increasing safety. In what was a feat of design and engineering for the time, the railings were tubular with a section cutout for a glass lens and behind the lens was a long fluorescent tube bulb. The glass lens was held in place by BAND-IT Clamps.


In 1995 Stapleton Airport was decommissioned and replaced with Denver International Airport. The airport was the first “from scratch” airport built in the US during the modern aviation era but when design engineers needed a fastening solution, they turned to a familiar company. BAND-IT Bands are used in several ways in the airport, but two of the most visible are shown below: a typical sign hanging application and an unusual application keeping visitors under the canopies dry during wet weather.


Not only is the Jeppesen Terminal covered in the tent resembling the snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains, but many of the outdoor areas are covered by smaller tents. Rain and snow melt is funneled into various drain points along the canopy and those drain lines are attached to the catenary system for the tents with BAND-IT Bands. If you’ve ever stood under a tent or awning in a rainstorm, you know how important this system is for keeping passengers dry.

BAND-IT is proud of our long history in Denver and proud to be the joining solution chosen by both of Denver’s iconic airports.