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COVID-19 Tool Sanitation Information

June 15.2020

BAND-IT Tool Cleaning and Sanitation Recommendations to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, BAND-IT recommends tools be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of a shift as well as when tools are shared between operators. If the tool is greasy or heavily soiled, clean using a mild soap and water before disinfecting with a diluted solution of water and bleach. 

Cleaning Solution and Sanitation Process: 

  • Apply appropriate PPE including gown, mask, face shield, and two pairs of gloves.
  • Mix 6 parts water with 1 part bleach (3.5% chlora)
  • Pour the cleaning solution onto a clean cloth (rather than dipping the cloth in the solution)
  • Wipe down all of the surfaces on the tool wth the bleach solution cloth. Be careful to not over wet the cloth and do not soak the tool
  • Allow the tool to air dry. Don’t dry the tool with a dry cloth as that could reintroduce contaminants.

For more information visit Interim guidance for manufacturing workers from CDC and OSHA.

Important Note: If the tool is contaminated with blood, follow your local bloodborne pathogens procedures before sanitizing the tool. This work should be performed by someone trained in dealing with bloodborne pathogen clean-up.