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Driving to Carbon Neutral: From Single Stack to the Masses

August 28.2023 | Product News

As the world progresses to cleaner energy and reducing vehicle emissions, technological advancements have accelerated the use of alternative propulsions, from internal combustion engines (ICE) and hybrid to Battery Electric (BEV) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell (FCEV).

Ultra-Lok Clamp


Tie-Lok Clamp


Batteries for BEVs and FCEVs present a unique challenge not seen in traditional automotive design: a heavy weight distributed along the belly of the vehicle. BEV and FCEV batteries are made up of several hundred components called cells. Each of these has to be secured to a tray or casing to make up the main battery. Securing the cells requires a fastening device capable of withstanding loop yield forces as high as 200kN (45,000 lbf). Due to these extreme forces, more and more companies are looking to the proven fastening solutions provided by BAND-IT.

BAND-IT offers two products that are currently being used by battery cell manufacturers: Ultra-Lok® and Tie-Lok® Clamping Systems. The Ultra-Lok system from BAND-IT conforms to unlike shapes while demonstrating unified symmetry and consistent installation with the use of a battery powered application tool.

Forces are representative of lab testing. Contact BAND-IT for more information.

For bundling smaller cells requiring less force, the Tie-Lok system can be used to bundle batteries up to 110” in outside circumference.  (Show IT-8000 and BAND-IT clamp in the margins).  The installation tool provides consistent, repeatable feedback guaranteeing installation is within specification every time. BAND-IT Tie-Lok ties are used to hold battery cell stacks together during assembly in the manufacturing process. Battery cells are stacked, pressed together, and banded with two or more 9.5mm Tie-Lok ties. The ties hold the press force in place while the cell stack is inserted into the final enclosure

With the process capability, cpk of 1.67 for retained force and loop tensile, make the IT8000 and the 9.5mm Tie-Lok Tie a perfect fit for battery bundling applications.

For over 85 years, BAND-IT has proven to transform customers’ unique problems into formidable solutions. Just like the stainless-steel clamps they provide, BAND-IT has evolved with the automotive market with the experience to modify standard clamping systems or develop new solutions catered to your specific needs.

Contact BAND-IT today for the performance and value alternative to other fastening methods such as welding, bolting, and customized adaptations alike.