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Essential Applications: EMI Cable Ties For Spacecraft

June 04.2020 | Essential Applications

BAND-IT Ties Secure Electromagnetic Interference Shielding on Cables for the International Space Station and its Supply Rockets and Crew Capsules

Space exploration has again become the next great frontier with exciting new launches and explorations planned. BAND-IT EMI cable ties have been designed for the most critical applications, including Mars rovers, the International Space Station, and its supply rockets and crew capsules. BAND-IT’s line of EMI termination ties are the industry standard in wire harness shielding and meet the harshest military specification requirements.

Tie-dex ties on EMI Shielded cableThe BAND-IT Edge

• Meets critical electrical AS85049C and resistance test procedures (EIA-364-83)
• Meets EIA-364=28E vibration testing
• Meets MIL-DTL-38999L for connectors, electrical environmental resistance and general specification
• Lightweight cable ties offer reduced space mission payload
• Diameter reduction ties allow for unlimited variation between the two objects

Product Features

• Lightweight, robust strength
• Secure locking to prevent shielding from being pulled away from connector
• Installation tools provide a consistent, high retained force clamp