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Essential Applications: Next Gen Vehicle Cable Solutions

June 12.2020 | Essential Applications

With 3 Decades Of EMI/RFI Shield Termination Dominance in the Mil/Aero Industry, BAND-IT is Consistently Selected for the Shielding of High Voltage Cable in Automobiles

BAND-IT began serving the automotive high voltage cable market in 2007 and has supplied millions of clamping solutions to many of the largest and most well-known cable harness manufacturers in the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Industry. Vehicle manufacturers use a quick connector and wire mesh shield to minimize the effects of Electromagnetic Interference.  With previous solutions, the wire mesh could bunch or gather in one area creating an inconsistent installation.  The reduced diameter clamp from BAND-IT can minimize the effects and provide a tight fit with a single SKU.

EMI-Shield-Clamping-mini-tie-dex-emailThe BAND-IT Edge

• Consistent clamp force around the entire circumference of the part
• One clamp can meet many sizes and variation – reducing SKUs
• BAND-IT installation tools minimize variation and provide consistent installation of clamping application

Product Features

• Tamper Resistant
• High clamping force securely locks the shielding to the connector
• Designed for high-volume installation 
• Robust strength and resistance to vibration, thermocycling, and corrosion