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Essential Applications: OSHA Compliant, Snag-Free Air Hose Clamping

October 29.2020 | Essential Applications

BAND-IT JS Clamps – The OSHA Compliant Solution for Compressed Air Hoses:Smooth Edges, Strong Clamping Force, and No Protruding Metal Tail

A common OSHA violation for many manufacturing and construction sites involves the improper repair of compressed air hoses with worm gear clamps which are not rated to withstand the common “shop air” pressures of up to 150 psi. Additionally, worm gear clamp tails are known to present a cut hazard to workers, resulting in OSHA Recordable incidences.

OSHA General Industry standard 1910.243(b)(2) states that “Hose and hose connections used for conducting compressed air to utilization equipment shall be designed for the pressure and service to which they are subjected” BAND-IT JS clamps have been designed to withstand typical shop air pressures of up to 150 psi and have been a trusted solution in this space for decades.

Prevent worker injuries by replacing your worm gear clamps with BAND-IT JS clamps which offer a safe, OSHA Compliant solution for repairing and building new compressed air hoses.

Worm gear clamps on air hoseThe BAND-IT Edge

• Designed to withstand shop air pressures of up to 150 PSI for a 3/8” wide JS clamp
• Flush Cutoff – no clamp tail
• Low profile buckle – prevents snags and cuts
• Smooth ID nest – creates a leak-free seal

Product Features

• Smooth, safe, strong cutoff and lock
• Tools for field or factory installation
• Field-repairable using portable tools