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Essential Applications: Pole Mounting 5G Communications Equipment

July 09.2020 | Essential Applications

Supporting the Rollout of 5G Wireless Networks, the BAND-IT Bolt Clamp and Band Simplifies Mounting of Hardware

Rollout of the next generation of cellular communications hardware, known as 5G, requires equipment to be upgraded and additional towers added to provide the wireless service. The BAND-IT Bolt Clamp and Band were selected for securing the new equipment boxes to poles and towers. The advantage to installers is that the bolt clamp can be installed with just a wrench or ratchet and is adjustable to various mounting hardware and pole diameters. With an estimated 400 times as many 5G towers needed, that time savings at installation translates to major cost savings for installers.

Bolt Clamp and bandThe BAND-IT Edge

• Easy to install, no special tooling required.
• Cut to length to attach hardware to poles of various sizes.
• Quicker installation than Band and Buckle system
• Made of galvanized carbon steel and aluminum for corrosion resistance extending life of product.

Product Features

• Available in two sizes: 3/4” for lighter duty and 1-1/4” for heavy duty
• Pairs with BAND-IT Band or Giant Band, sold in rolls and cut to length on-site