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Essential Applications: Securing Hose Sleeving on Hydraulic Hoses

January 15.2021 | Essential Applications

With the increased sophistication of controls, higher working pressures, and flow rates, hydraulic & Industrial systems have become more complex. A hose sleeve extends the life of the hose in abrasive environments and protects against accidental damages, normal wear and tear, and potential injury.

BAND-IT has two options for securing hose sleeving in industrial applications: Junior® Smooth ID preformed clamp and Tie-Lok® preformed tie. Both are designed to withstand harsh duty hydraulic hose sleeving applications. 

Among common sleeve clamping methods, the BAND-IT JS clamps had the highest retained force and most consistent installation when installed with the IT Series Pneumatic Tools. As a comparison, the strength of the 3/8” JS clamp was compared to other common hose sleeve clamping methods using an Axial pull test:


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