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Essential Applications: Where Crimping Falls Short: Field Repair of Hose and Fittings

August 12.2020 | Essential Applications

The ULTRA-LOK® System Enables Field Repair and Fitting Installation on Hoses for Frac Tank Rental Application

Utilizing the preformed 9” ULTRA-LOK clamp to secure a 8” frac sub fitting into a rubber corrugated industrial hose for transfer of water, chemical and mud slurry mixture, a BAND-IT customer specializing in Frac Tank Rental is able to repair hoses or change out fittings in the field saving time and costs for each project. The 8-inch hose makes a connection between each vessel, which are lined up in tandem in remote oilfields. Two ULTRA-LOK bands wrap the hose and fitting and are tensioned with the hand-held, battery operated UL4000-D, allowing flexibility in installation – from field to factory. The tool provides consistent tension on each band resulting in a leak-free connection. And the Lithium-ion battery has the power to last even the busiest days. For this customer, repairing the hoses in the field cuts down on costs and waste from discarded hoses, something he just couldn’t do with crimp ferrlues.

Essential Applications: Where Crimping Falls Short: Field Repair of Hose and FittingsThe BAND-IT Edge

• Complete System of Clamp and Tool Designed to work together  
• Easy Installation. No Large Crimpers Needed
• Superior Retained Force 
• Lighter Weight than Crimp Ferrlues

Product Features

• Smooth edges, Low Profile Buckle
• Preformed clamp adjusts to multiple diameters
• Double Wrapped for Highest Retained Force
• Available in multiple sizes
• Made in the USA with USA Steel