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Hose and Cable Identification with ID Tags and Tie-Lok Bands

March 31.2021 | Product News

BAND-IT offers a number of solutions for visual identification in harsh duty environments. For hose and cable applications, BAND-IT imprintable ID tags secured with Tie-Lok bands are the recomended solution. 


Stainless Steel ID Tags can be custom embossed to identify fluids, track assets, and record critical information like part number, serial number, inspection date or any character data required for your application. Print your own tag on 304 or 316 stainless steel and secure with the Tie-Lok® system of ties and installation tools. Tag imprinter is available with a choice of character sizes. 

tie-lok-familyTie-Lok System

  • BAND-IT hand tools (A91079 and A92079) can tension, lock, and cut the metal tail in same motion. 

  • The tension on the BAND-IT Tie-Lok tools can be adjusted for various hose/cable applications. 

  • The ¼” Tie-Lok locking mechanism has a minimum loop tensile strength of 250lbs. 

  • Tie-Lok buckles are 42% thinner when compared to ball-lok buckles.  

  • Lower profile buckle means less catching and less damage on the buckles when dragged on the ground.