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Hose Safety Awareness Week: BAND-IT Junior® Preformed Clamps Were Engineered with Safety in Mind

September 12.2023 | Product News

From the early stages of development decades earlier, the BAND-IT Junior® Smooth ID clamp was designed to increase safety and ease of installation for our customers securing fittings onto hose assemblies. A lot has changed in the world since 1983, but one thing hasn’t. The BAND-IT Junior clamp is still utilizing that smooth lip and buckle to prevent snags, injuries, and abrasion damage to other parts near the hose fitting when installed.

More recently the Junior clamp has been increasing safety for heavy machinery by quickly and securely fastening hose sleeving to the hydraulic lines that are found within 1 meter of the operator. In the event of hose failure, this sleeving is a critical safety device that prevents high temperature, high pressure hydraulic fluid from injuring operators. The BAND-IT Junior clamp is easily adopted by hose shops with a pneumatic tool which tensions the preformed clamp around the hose fitting. This allows one size of clamp to be used on several different sizes of hose, reducing complexity and inventory needed. In the field, the clamps can be installed using the classic C001 tool with an adapter for the Junior clamp.

The BAND-IT Junior clamp ensures the hose sleeving will stay in place over the lifespan of the hose, something worm gear, nylon zip ties, and other attachment methods can’t guarantee.

Contact a BAND-IT Representative for more information on the benefits of BAND-IT Junior clamps on your hose assemblies or learn more about BAND-IT’s hose sleeving solutions