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Hydraulic Hose Sleeving: Increasing Safety on Earth Moving Equipment

September 22.2022 | Essential Infrastructure

As discussed in the EGR Cooler post, heavy-duty earth moving and construction equipment is essential in many of the upcoming & ongoing infrastructure projects.  Heavy machinery, including compact loaders, skid steerers, backhoes, and other earth moving equipment utilize hydraulic systems to articulate accessories, or perform other standard functions. The hydraulic fluid in these hoses can exceed 10,000 PSI in addition to often operating at elevated temperatures (>212F in cases). These hydraulic hoses can burst or develop pin hole leaks due to pressure surges, crushing, kinking, or not allowing for the minimum rated bend radius.   The velocity of the escaping fluid from a pinhole can exceed 600’/minute, comparable to bullet leaving a gun!

ISO standard 3457 was developed in order to protect personnel from unintentional contact with common hazards associated with earth moving equipment, including hydraulic hoses. Specifically, hose guards are required on hoses exceeding 5000 kPa (725 psi) or temperatures above 60C (140F) that are located within 1.0 meter of the operator in normal operating position. Textile or nylon hose sleeving provides burst & leakage protection which meets ISO 3457 as well as additional abrasion resistance.  BAND-IT has two engineered fastening solutions which are designed to meet ISO 3457 and are a preferred method of OEMs for securing hose sleeving to hydraulic lines. 

BAND-IT’s hose sleeving solutions not only meet the requirements of ISO 3457, but also offer enhanced performance over alternative methods, including:

  1. Easily installed in the field, without the need for large crimping equipment.
  2. Resistant to mechanical vibrations and severe thermal cycling, providing reliable high strength connections in all applications.
  3. Corrosion resistant  materials suited for all harsh construction environments.
  4. Flexible banding solution, accommodates multiple diameters, reducing inventory and simplifying supply chain operations.
  5. Smooth, safe, strong cutoff and lock.
  6. Low profile buckle design reduces the clearance needed around the hose and has no sharp edges or tail that could cause injuries.