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In Partnership with Technomark, BAND-IT Adds Engraving to its Identification Solutions

May 03.2021

While BAND-IT’s colored bands and ID tags have been used for identification applications for many years, only recently did we have a turn-key solution for marking, etching, or engraving the bands themselves that would match the durability and lifespan BAND-IT customers rely on. 

Through our ongoing partnership with Technomark North America, customers of both companies can now purchase bands and marking machines that have been tested to be fully compatible. Technomark, leaders in laser and dot peen engraving systems, offer two products designed to work with BAND-IT bands: The Multi4 dot peen marking system and the GRAPHIX laser marking system. 


This Dot Peen Marking system is ideal for marking bands quickly and results in clean, accurate and permanent marking on the band. This is ideal for serial numbers, inspection dates, 2D datamatrix codes, logos and more. The Multi4 system is easy to get started from a single part to mass production. 


The GRAPHIX laser marking system is a cost-effective solution for adding permanent identification markings to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. GRAPHIX is available with a 3-up BAND-IT loading fixture accessory for increased production throughput. The space-saving, all-in-one design incorporates the laser marking head, software, and electronic control system into a fully integrated package that can be placed on a benchtop or mobile cart.

Advantages of These Marking Solutions

  • Available in 16 standard colors, BAND-IT Bands are already a standard for Frac Iron Identification Certifications.
  • Technomark brings industry expertise with a turn-key engraving solution tested for marking BAND-IT Bands
  • Adding laser or dot peen marking allows customers to store information on the band, not just categorization by color
  • Engraving is more durable than other marking solutions and aligns with the lifespan of a BAND-IT band.

BAND-IT Integrations

  • Multi4 dot peen marking system — 1-up BAND-IT metal ID band loading fixture
  • Graphix laser marking workstation — 3-up BAND-IT metal ID band loading fixture

The custom tooling solutions for Technomark marking equipment increase production throughput while lowering Total Cost of Ownership. 

The recommended bands, BAND-FAST with COLOR-IT, are pre-assembled with a buckle and available in ½” with Valuclip or 5/8” centerpunch. Lengths are 18”, 24” and 30”.

For more information about BAND-IT Identification Solutions, Contact Us. For more on marking solutions from Technomark North America, visit their website