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Local Warehousing for Quick Delivery After Storms

July 29.2020

Rely on BAND-IT’s Distribution Network for Quick Delivery of Products Needed During Storm Season


5G Cellular Communications Equipment Mounted with BAND-IT Band and Buckle


Tree Stabilization with Standard Band and Buckle

Whether it is hail, hurricanes, strong winds, dust storms, or other significant weather event, virtually all areas of the country are prone to some infrastructure damage during storm season. To prepare for this year’s season, BAND-IT has worked with our distributors in potentially affected regions to ensure they are fully stocked with the products you need for sign/signal mounting, pole/tower attachment, hose repair, and more. Whether it’s ULTRA-LOK band and buckle, brackets, JS Clamps, or standard band and buckle, our distribution network is ready to assist you when the storm clears.