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Maximum Diameter Reduction of BAND-IT Clamps Reduces Inventory for Pole Mounting Applications

June 02.2021

There is a wide variety of pole mounting options on the market today, but the variable diameter reduction of BAND-IT clamps means that one band clamp can safely and securely create a permanent joint between your sign or equipment box and the pole or tower, regardless of the exact pole size.

With other attachment methods such as bolts, variation in the circumference or shape of the pole can require multiple sizes or types of fasteners. But with BAND-IT, our band clamps adjust to a wide range of pole circumference and shape. Whether it’s a round telephone pole, square concrete pole, or just about any other shape, a small number of bands will accommodate a wide variety of pole types. This simplifies the number of SKUs (stock keeping units) that you need to manage or ensure you have on-hand at the jobsite. This increase in complexity is a detriment to your entire business from purchasing, stock management, to installation.

bolt-clampOther Advantages of BAND-IT Clamps

  • For large diameter poles, BAND-IT Giant Band can be cut to size and secured with our Bolt Clamp. The band still conforms to any pole or tower shape distributing the force around the entire circumference.
  • Installing the bands with a BAND-IT tool ensures a consistent tension so you know your equipment is secure.
  • U-Bolt mounting requires different sizes of U-Bolt for each pole diameter.

To learn more about BAND-IT Clamping Solutions for your specific application, please contact us.