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Essential Applications: Mounting EGR Coolers in Heavy Duty Vehicles

September 17.2020 | Essential Applications

Joining Irregular Shaped Objects of Dissimilar Material and Maintaining Vibration/Corrosion Resistance Required a Heavy Duty Solution for this Construction Equipment Manufacturer

An industrial equipment manufacturer previously used bolt clamps and welds to connect an Exhaust Gas Recirculation  (EGR) Cooler to its mounting bracket, but an EGR is subject to extreme temperature changes, vibration from the engine and moving vehicle, as well as exposure to corrosive environments. To ensure the EGR Cooler stayed in place, they turned to BAND-IT for a solution, which they found in the ULTRA-LOK® system. Utilizing the strongest retained force of any BAND-IT Band and Buckle System, ULTRA-LOK bands and buckles are the perfect method for bonding two dissimilar items together in harsh environments. The cordless battery tool makes installation quick and the band conforms to the shape of the two objects. Its resistance to thermal cycling and vibration mean the band will keep the EGR cooler in place for the lifespan of the cooler. 

The BAND-IT Edge

UL-System-free-end-web• Complete System of Clamp and Tool Designed to Work Together  
• Easy Installation, Lightweight
• Superior Retained Force 
• High Tamper and Vibration Resistance

Product Features

• Smooth edges, Low Profile Buckle
• Clamp adjusts to multiple diameters, 
  conforms to irregular shapes
• Cordless Power Tool Speeds Installation
• Made in the USA with USA Steel