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NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) for Military Applications

May 03.2022 | Product News

The manufacturing facilities for BAND-IT in the US and the UK are “CAGE” (Commercial and Government Entity) and NCAGE (NATO Commercial and Government Entity) listed, meaning that the products produced in those facilities can be used in military applications.

For over 50 years, BAND-IT products have been specified and used for military applications including ships & submarines, aircraft, vehicles, weapons, and telecommunication equipment. Many of our products have been assigned NATO Stock Numbers and independently tested for use in military applications.

BAND-IT has a strong history with the Military / Aerospace Industries and manufactures the best fastening solutions that reduce risk and maximise performance in order to produce the necessary longevity required by our customers for sustainable value. We use high quality materials and test during every production run to ensure our designed solutions perform to their specific application standards.

• Stainless steel band and cable ties for cable attachment on submarines, warships, & support
• EMI/RFI on telecom equipment, military vehicles, aircraft.
• JUNIOR® Clamps for missile battery attachment and sonar equipment clamping.
• Tie-Lok® ties to secure fragile fibre optic cables.