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Peru Focuses on Infrastructure Investment

October 06.2022 | Essential Infrastructure

A push to invest in infrastructure isn’t unique to the United States right now. Peru launched a National Infrastructure Plan in 2019 which identified 52 critical projects and $28.5 billion budget for telecommunications, electric grid, and transportation improvements. Slated to be completed by 2025, 2/3rds of the projects are related to transportation or communications where BAND-IT products are commonly used. Two examples:

  1. BAND-IT is working closely with one of the oldest electrical companies in Peru, Enesur to update the electrical transmission lines and electric grid components in their country. 
  1. Romero, a key distribution partner, has been working with their customers responsible for replacing much of the electric transmission cabling, brackets, and accessories, but utilizing existing poles in many cases.

And there is no shortage of customers working on these infrastructure projects: thirty telecommunications companies, for example, transmit telephone, internet, and television signals through Peru’s fiber optic network. A further 1,096 entities offer public telecommunications services! That makes a lot of customers for Romero, our main distribution partner in Peru.

For most of these applications installers are using BAND-IT standard 201 stainless steel band and Ear-Lok buckles. Tensioning the bands is accomplished with the C00169 banding tool.