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S75099 Application Videos

February 04.2015 | Product News

Two videos of the S75099 Pneumatic Junior Clamp Tool are now available

BAND-IT IDEX®, INC., The World’s Leader in Engineered Band Clamping Systems is pleased to offer two videos of the S75099 Pneumatic Junior Clamp Tool online.

The S75099 Pneumatic Tool is designed to install BAND-IT Junior & Junior Smooth I.D. preformed clamps in all available sizes and materials. In the S75099 Tool video, you’ll receive a brief overview about the S75099, its features, and functions. The video will explain how to apply a clamp to a hose assembly. The S75099 Maintenance video will review repairable parts and how to perform basic maintenance for optimum operations.

In addition to the S75099 videos, BAND-IT has other product training videos online. The videos are designed to illustrate “how to” applications where associates can become more confident with their product knowledge and usage. To access these videos, simply go to and you’ll see why BAND-IT offers More Products, To More Markets, With More Solutions!

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