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Tips to Operate the UL4000-D Like a Pro

December 20.2019 | Product News

Part of the BAND-IT Ultra-Lok® system, the UL4000-D cordless tool is ideal for mobile installation of bands in the shop or out in the field. For new users, training on the UL4000-D takes just a few minutes. For those familiar with the tool, we offer some tips to operate the tool like a pro and avoid some of the common issues new users encounter:  

Overcoming Stroke Limitations

Stroke Limit refers to the length of band tail that the tool can pull in one motion. While the tool is capable of pulling long tails with multiple stroke cycles, this is inefficient. To avoid the stroke limitation, choose a band that is correctly sized for the application. Whether using a pre-formed clamp or band and buckle combination, the easiest way to avoid the stroke limitation is by sizing the band so that there isn’t an excessive tail when the band is applied. Our suggestion is to use a band with an interior diameter 1/4″ to 1″ larger than the outside diameter of the hose or pole you will be clamping. Also ensure you are following the correct tool operating instructions:

  • Ensure the speed is set to 2
  • Insert the end of the band into the tool
  • Operate the tool until the tension block reaches the end
  • Reverse the tool to move the tension block back forward
  • Change the direction of the tool to forward and pull the trigger until the clutch is activated
  • Switch the speed to 1 and pull the trigger until the clutch is activated
  • Cut off the tail of the band with the cutter handle

Increasing Gripper Life

To increase the life of the gripper, ensure that you reverse the tool completely so that the tension block opens and releases the band before pulling the tail out of the tool. Pulling the tail before the tension block releases the band reduces the life on the gripper. 

Reducing Band Jamming

Band jamming will occur if you operate the tool in reverse after cutting the tail off the band. This will slide the cutoff tail of the band past the head of the tool. To prevent band jamming, only operate the tool in the forward direction after cutting the tail. 

For more information, check out our UL4000-D Pro Tips Video: