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Essential Infrastructure

August 24. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

There has been a lot of talk about infrastructure projects in the news lately with the passage of the $1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill. From roads, bridges, and transit systems to rural broadband and toxic waste clean-up, the projects funded by the bill encompass nearly every aspect of infrastructure in the United States.  And with the Buy American Act requiring products for infrastructure be made in the US, domestic manufacturers like BAND-IT are sure to benefit from the projects funded by the bill.

BAND-IT’s engineered fastening solutions are the trusted choice for a variety of applications on infrastructure projects. From the exhaust systems of construction equipment to securely hanging directional signs, BAND-IT bands can be found in a surprising number of places in and around infrastructure project equipment and work sites. Over the next several months we’ll be taking a look at the various places you can find BAND-IT bands and ties on machinery, pole mounting, cable management and other applications.

It’s just another example of how BAND-IT bands are Essentially Everywhere.

Check back as we release a new application deep dive every two weeks starting with:

Heavy Equipment Exhaust Systems 

We’ve had other blog posts about BAND-IT bands used in exhaust systems for consumer vehicles, but several heavy equipment manufacturers rely on BAND-IT Bands to secure the EGR Cooler to a mounting bracket or engine of heavy-duty earth moving and construction equipment.

Hydraulic Hose Sleeving

Protecting operators from risks associated with damaged or aging hydraulic lines with hose sleeving is a key component of ISO standard 3457 and reduces injuries around heavy machinery utilizing high pressure hydraulics. BAND-IT's engineered fastening solutions are a preferred method of securing the hose sleeving. 

Pole/Tower Equipment – 10/6/2022

Securing large telecommunications equipment to a tower isn’t something you trust to a zip tie or low cost knock-off. Telecom installers know the quality and strength of BAND-IT Bands sets them apart from the competition.

Cable Management of Fiber Optic Data Cables – 10/20/2022

When you think of large data centers and server farms you probably visualize rows and rows of servers on racks with neatly organized cables. A large datacenter operator uses BAND-IT BAND-FAST coated ties to keep the cables organized and secured, especially the large fiber optic trunk lines running through data centers nationwide.

Suspension Bridge Main Cable Bundling – 11/3/2022

Driving over just about any suspension bridge in the United States you probably don’t think about the bridge’s construction or maintenance, but BAND-IT band and buckle are used to bind together the cables used in many suspension bridges including the George Washington Bridge, Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, and the scenic Royal Gorge Bridge in our home state of Colorado. 

Heat and Sound Shield Attachment – 11/16/2022

BAND-IT has years of experience in the consumer exhaust market where tier 1 automotive suppliers choose BAND-IT bands to secure heat and sound shielding plates to exhaust manifolds. Now BAND-IT is supplying bands to secure plating on exhaust systems for heavy haul vehicles.