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The Force is Strong … With These Clamps

January 15. 2020 | Joining Solutions, Product News

At BAND-IT, we take pride in the performance of our fastening solutions. Clamps such as Tie-lok® Ties, JR® Clamps and Dual-Lokt® clamps are used worldwide in highly critical applications with a high cost of failure, so keeping track of clamp performance is imperative. 

To ensure optimal performance, we measure and keep track of several forces before, during and after clamping. In this article we’ll talk about two of the most important forces and why we use them.

Joining Solutions. How Do They Compare?

October 01. 2019 | Joining Solutions

If your application is frequently exposed to atmospheric elements such as temperature fluctuations, vibration and corrosion, read on for our comparison of some of the most popular joining solutions. 

Maximum Diameter Reduction of Clamps Offer Best Flexibility and Reduced SKU Counts for Operators

September 18. 2019 | Joining Solutions

When attaching objects together with metal banding products, the size and variation of the objects often determines the type of attachment clamps.  Variation in the circumference of the object or installation process can cause some attachment methods to increase the number of SKU’s (stock keeping unit) required and thus increasing the complexity of the operations.  The amount of diameter reduction available can also drastically increase the number of SKU’s for operators and production processes.

Exhaust Heat Shield Attachment Demonstration

May 30. 2019 | Joining Solutions, Product News

BAND-IT’s Tie-Lok® ties have been trusted by Exhaust Manufacturers to attach heat shields to exhaust pipes for decades. Durability, consistency and strength are some of the benefits of using BAND-IT clamps. They are also easy to install, as demonstrated in the video.