BAND-IT offers a wide range of product solutions such as colored bands, ID labels, ID characters and ties used in applications like hose identification, fluid identification, and other visual indicators found in harsh duty environments.

ID Tags

ID Tags

Easy Ready Characters

Easy Read Characters

Colored bands

Colored Bands


Stainless Steel ID Tags can be custom embossed to identify fluids, track assets, and record critical information like part number, serial number, inspection date or any character data required for your application. Print your own tag on 304 or 316 stainless steel and secure with the Tie-Lok® system of ties and installation tools. Tag imprinter is available with a choice of character sizes. 

Tie-Lok System

  • BAND-IT hand tools (A91079 and A92079) can tension, lock, and cut the metal tail in same motion. 

  • The tension on the BAND-IT Tie-Lok tools can be adjusted for various hose/cable applications. 

  • The ¼” Tie-Lok locking mechanism has a minimum loop tensile strength of 250lbs. 

  • Tie-Lok buckles are 42% thinner when compared to ball-lok buckles.  

  • Lower profile buckle means less catching and less damage on the buckles when dragged on the ground. 

Frac Iron Identification

BAND-IT colored bands are used for frac iron recertification, asset management, and other visual identification programs. Colored Bands can be laser etched to display inspection dates, asset tracking numbers, or other information. 

BAND-IT COLOR-IT® technology resists weathering and color fading, with 16 stocked colors available. Preassembled BAND-FAST® bands ship ready for installation with the clips already attached. 

Dot Peen Marking and Laser Engraving

BAND-IT has partnered with Technomark for laser marking solutions utilizing BAND-IT bands and either the Multi4 dot peen marking system or GRAPHIX laser marking system from Technomark. Both products produce long lasting markings on BAND-IT bands. 

Easy Read Characters

Easy Read characters slide onto any 1/4" - 3/8" tie and are made from 316 Stainless Steel. Carriers are also available to hold the characters and are secured with BAND-IT ties to create a wrap tag. Easy to read in dim light and areas with limited accessibility. 

  • Characters sold individually in bags of 100 pcs
  • AE0609-100 Easy Read Kit comes in a convenient carrying case and contains 100 of each character and carriers




Print your own tag on 304 or 316 stainless steel

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  • Tag imprinter is available with a choice of character sizes from 3/32" to 1/4"
  • Tag sizes available: .75" x 2" | .75" x 3" | 1.5" x 2.5"
  • Apply with Tie-Lok® Ties
Tie-Lok Ties

Tie-Lok Ties

Offering a unique dimple lock with a smooth ID and a low profile, Tie-Lok® ties provide fast, consistent and reliable clamping tension. Used in many industries and applications, such as automotive, cable bundling and identification.

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  • Strong patented dimple lock on 3/8" ties
  • Locks under full tension - no slipback
  • Available in type 304 and type 316 Stainless Steel to provide good resistance to mild atmospheres, fresh water, UV rays and extreme environments
  • 316 Stainless Steel for extreme environments
  • Forms a low profile single wrapped assembly to secure cables, hoses, ID Tags, CV Boots, and filter bags
Installation Tools

Installation Tools

BAND-IT hand tools (A91079 and A92079) can tension, lock, and cut the metal tail in same motion. 

  • Forms dimple lock with a strong locking force in excess of 250 pounds (130 Kg)
  • Adjustable controlled tension with repeatable results
  • Easy to use, lightweight, compact design
Roll Band with COLOR-IT®

Roll Band with COLOR-IT®

Whether using band to identify iron in the field, cable runs, fluid transfer lines or air ducting, COLOR-IT® is the right solution.

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  • Durable polyester color coating added to provide visual identification for maintenance and inspection intervals
  • Available in 16 standard colors - custom colors available
  • Abrasion and UV resistant - eliminates issues caused by tape, such as weathering, color fading, residue and difficulty in removal
  • Matching buckles, brackets, or clips are available
ID Tag Imprinter

ID Tag Imprinter

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  • Use to imprint your own Stainless Steel Identification Tags that can be attached with Tie-Lok ties.
EASY READ Characters

EASY READ Characters

EASY READ letters, numbers and symbols are made from type 316 SS and slide directly onto any 3/8" tie, creating a self-contained wrap tag.

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  • Easy to read in dim light and inaccessible places
  • Characters sold individually or in bags of 100 pieces
  • Use with Tie-Lok® Ties, BAND-IT® Ties, Ball-Lok Ties, Ball-Lokt Ties, Multi-Lok Ties, PPA Coated Band or any 3/8" width band


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