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Mission-Critical Performance


There are applications where a cheaply made, bargain basement hose clamp will do the trick. The surface of Mars, the ocean floor or the front lines of a military conflict are not those places where cheap is engineered into the application.

More than a global manufacturer, BAND-IT designs and develops product solutions to perform in extreme environments where safety is priority number one. We partner with many clients inside the military, automotive and aerospace industries to solve their many challenges in order to make their applications perform to the best standards. To ensure those standards, we fabricate all of our products with higher-than-industry-standard steel and follow a relentless testing regiment for every run.

So what’s the cost if you don’t go with a BAND-IT designed product solution? When the welds break and the adhesives fail, are you willing to cover the cost of the application or the lives at risk?

If BAND-IT can meet and exceed the stringent standards of automotive safety requirements, imagine what they can do for your application.

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