IT8000 3/8″ Tie-Lok® Precision Fastening Tool

The IT8000 Tie-Lok Tool is designed for high production environments and can significantly increase quality and maintenance intervals; and greatly reduce variation between operators while capturing performance data with verification of tie installation to help maximize throughput.

CAPABLE stronger clamping force

VERIFIABLE clamp installation

REPEATABLE accuracy to meet takt time

DATA TRACKING ensures integrity of finished assembly

DURABLE robust independent clamping system for less wear and tear

  • IT8000 TIE-LOK SYSTEM includes tool, Siemens Control System, and HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Tool is powered by DC motor and pneumatic cylinders
  • Compatible with 3/8” TIE-LOK ties
  • Control System includes Siemens PLC for precision control and data collection 
  • HMI onboard screen to control and monitor the system to translate data to real-time information
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