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Precut BAND-FAST™ Delivers Performance and Value in EJP Electric Submersible Pumping Systems

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Epsindo Jaya Pratama (EJP) is a company that values quality. If you visit EJP’s website, you will see a section that describes the standards they maintain for the pumping systems they produce, and the customer experience they promise. But like every business, they also are cost-conscious. The drive to cut costs for manufacturing their Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) System compelled EJP to switch from BAND-IT fasteners to a competitor’s clamp, a decision they soon reconsidered.


Band-Fast Aces the Test Money Flows when Oil Flows

Subsea downhole oil extraction is different from convention drilling because most of the energy required to transport the produced fluid is supplied by mechanical means rather than by reservoir pressure. That puts more “pressure” on ESP systems. Any time the system needs maintenance or repair, production is interrupted, and the well isn’t generating oil or revenue.

BAND-IT’s Commitment To Quality

BAND-FAST is part of a full line of products that have achieved the highest level of quality certification.

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008

IATF 16949

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EJP’s customers expect their investment to pay off in reliability, and that expectation extends all the way down to the clamps. When EJP changed from BAND-IT to a cheap fastener made in China, the customer experience they delivered suffered – a direct result of the increased failure of the clamps.

Even though EJP had stopped using BAND-IT clamps, Fraser Ng, OEM/Project Manager for BAND-IT, maintained contact with them. “I had advised them of the high possibility that non-reputable companies in China may supply sub-standard quality . It really happened to them. The material they paid for did not meet their requirements.”


one size fits allBAND-IT’s Flexibility Pays Off for Every Stakeholder

Ng explained that the only issue EJP had with BAND-IT was cost. Taking a partnership approach, Ng was able to negotiate a revision to the per-unit pricing dependent on the quantity of clamps ordered. EJP will now be using precut BAND-FAST clamps made of 304 stainless steel.

BAND-FAST clamps can be secured with seals, clips, ear-lokt buckles or center punch clips to meet all of your fastening needs.

A Solution for All

With the work of Ng, BAND-IT was able to find a solution that worked for everyone involved. EJP is ready to incorporate precut BAND-FAST clamps into their submersible pumps, their end users will have the performance they need, and BAND-IT continues to build a relationship with a growing company that is committed to delivering only the highest quality products.

75+ yearsBAND-FASTCustom Band Lengths

metalsInstallation Tools available1 hand, 2 pneumatic

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