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BAND-FAST® Reduces Cable Management Material and Labor Costs by 50% for Aker Solutions

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The Aker H-6e Drilling Rig is one of the largest and most sophisticated semisubmersibles ever commissioned.

It’s no surprise that every detail was carefully considered in its development – including how to best secure the miles of cables running through the rig. Traditionally, cable cleats have been used for this application. However, Aker Solutions was looking for a less expensive, easier to install and more lightweight option for cable management, one that also would minimize the risk of short circuits. BAND-IT recommended PPA-coated BAND-FAST clamps.


Band-Fast Aces the Test BAND-FAST Aces The Test

Adopting a new solution calls for rigorous evaluation. You need to assure not just cost savings but performance. To put the recommended clamp to the test, SINTEF (Norway’s largest independent research organization in Scandinavia) and Aker Solutions jointly evaluated the suitability of 5/8″ wide PPA Coated BAND-FAST clamps as an alternative to cable cleats under short circuit conditions.

BAND-FAST scored beyond expectations, and as a result more than 40,000 were used on the project.

Specifications for BAND-FAST used on the Aker H-6e Rig

316 Stainless Steel, 5/8″ wide

PPA 571 Coating: halogen-free, low smoke & fume

DNV and GL Type approved materials


What makes BAND-FAST Better?

BAND-FAST clamps are a superior choice for many reasons. The lower profile of finished cable runs save space, and the PPA coating reduces the risk of damaging cables as they are pulled. Using the C075 installation tool, the captive sealing clip is quickly and precisely locked into place when fastening, Overall, labor is reduced by 50%, compared to installing cleats.

When it comes to the costs, it’s simple: Clamps are less expensive than cable cleats. That difference really adds up when you consider that there are more than 40,000 fixing points on the Aker H-6e.


one size fits allSometimes, One Size Fits All

One dilemma with cleats is that you need to invest in a comprehensive stock to accommodate different sizes of wires. BAND-FAST clamps easily adjust to accommodate a wide range of cables and will hold single, trefoil and quadrafoil configurations. By going with clamps instead of cleats, Aker was able to drastically reduce their inventory. A bonus is that the reduced weight of materials on rig leads to increased production capability.


More than just cost savingsMore than just cost savings

Any reduction in risk is welcome in the Oil & Gas industry. BAND-FAST clamps are light and easy to carry, which is precisely opposite of cleats. Their low weight translates into reduced fatigue and less stress-related injuries. There’s no danger of being hit by an accidentally dropped cleat, and in this case Aker further reduced drop-risk by adding a wrist strap to the installation tool – a simple yet important solution.

In addition to 316 Stainless Steel, BAND-FAST is also available in 201 Stainless Steel, Titanium, Alloy 400, Alloy 625, and other materials upon request.

BAND-IT Can Help You Make Changes with Confidence

Balancing the potential positive impact of making a design change against the established specification can be risky. You need to make that decision with confidence. When it’s time for you to reevaluate your cable management, turn to BAND-IT. We’ll help you find a cost-effective, tested solution that exceeds your performance requirements and helps cut costs.

75+ yearsClamps Used on the Aker H-6e40,000+

metalsReduced costs compared to cleats50%

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