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BAND-IT® Customization Elevates Quality Control Documentation for Major Energy Company

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The regulations applied to offshore drilling can be daunting.

But the rationale behind those regulations reduces risk to personnel and the environment. There also are compelling reasons from the business point-of-view. Documentation is essential to avoid fines, project suspension or even lawsuits.


ManualGreyThe details really matter

For a leading engineering, construction and services contractor to the offshore energy industry, product quality assurance reporting requirements led them to develop an extensive (as in 71 pages) “supplier quality manual.” Winning their business meant that BAND-IT not only had to deliver on the performance of the fasteners, but also deliver documentation covering hundreds of details on the production process.

“We have flexibility in our processes that extends all the way to the documentation. We work directly with our customers to understand their quality requirements, all the way down to specific labeling and packing, if that’s what they need.”

Jordan Miller, Product Manager, Energy

What makes Dual-Lokt better?

Adapting to Customer Requirements is Business As Usual

Subsea drilling projects often call for customized solutions. Meeting unique specifications for length and materials is “business as usual” for BAND-IT. When presented with the challenge of meeting a potential customers specific documentation requirements, BAND-IT was ready.


HandshakeGreyTeamwork and Communication builds Relationships

Miller, along with Dan Remsen, Business Line Director for Energy, helped lead a cross-functional team that included personnel from quality, design, manufacturing and value stream as well as BAND-IT’s test lab. The team met with the end-client weekly as the quality control plan came together. In those meetings, BAND-IT’s team showed that the custom, 95” long BAND-FAST bands met the application performance requirements, would available in high volumes, and that all quality steps were being followed and documented as mandated. BAND-IT also worked with the client’s onsite inspector before shipment to ensure all quality measures were compliant and documented.

“We provided details on the inspection of raw materials, the manufacturing process, and even the specific paint color number used on finished packaging,” said Remsen. “And it’s important to point out that there were no extra charges. Customization and customer service like this is simply how we build long-term relationships.”

“Customization and customer service like this is simply how we build long-term relationships.”

Dan Remsen, Business Line Director, Energy

What makes BAND-IT better?

“We hold ourselves more accountable to quality than our peers in this market,” said Miller. “We are bringing the rigorous quality processes and customization methodology that we developed in the automotive area of the business to our energy business. As a matter of fact, the TS quality management system certification that we have is more rigorous than ISO9001 requirements.”

When you work with BAND-IT, you can rest assured that you are getting precisely what you were promised, that it will work every time even in extreme conditions and that it will protect your employees, your company and the environment.

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