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BAND-IT® Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamps Deliver the Performance and Reliability SAMCO Needs in Fire Engines and Other Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Tie-Lok Ties for Exhaust Heat Shields

SAMCO (Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation) is a Vietnam-based company that specializes in building large vehicles – fire engines, earth movers, refuse trucks – which pose exceptional performance requirements for hoses used in each type of vehicle. For example, take fire engines: a fire hose often pushes out hundreds of gallons of water per minute at over 100 psi.


Band-Fast Aces the Test BAND-IT to the Rescue

SAMCO has been using a type of hose clamp that incorporates a worm gear or barrel, and is manually tightened. SAMCO was looking for a fastening solution with a lower profile and more consistent tensioning. Working with LBBS, their regional distributor, BAND-IT met with SAMCO’s material planners, directors, engineers and customers to fully understand specific vehicle assembly and application requirements.

Based on what was discussed, BAND-IT recommended BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamps, and that SAMCO use the S75099 Standard Air Tool for installation.

Specifications for Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamps

Available in 201, 316, or galavanized carbon steel

Widths ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ 

Leak- and vibration-resistant lip lock design

Compatible with hose assemblies up to 8″ outside diameter


What makes Junior Smooth ID Clamps Better?

Heavy duty trucks and emergency vehicles need to operate in high stress conditions and even sometimes life-saving missions. BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID clamp incorporates a vibration-resistant lip wrap lock design that stands up to the punishment. They are double-wrapped, which adds strength to the already robust stainless steel or carbon steel that they are made from, and maintain integrity in corrosive environments.


one size fits allStraightforward Installation

Installation is straightforward: a simple lever movement forms a lock. There’s no hammering or crimping, and by using a pneumatic installation system instead of manual mounting, clamps are adjusted to precisely the right tension every time.

BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID clamp’s unique buckle nest and smooth ID design reduces leak paths, satisfying the most critical requirement for end users, including organizations dedicated to public safety.

BAND-IT Junior Smooth ID Preformed Clamps are also available in Alloy 625, specifically for use in highly corrosive environments.

BAND-IT Partners with Distributor to Make It Work for SAMCO

Flexibility is a term often used at BAND-IT. That approach applies to manufacturing, engineering solutions to meet specific needs and, in this case, pricing. By collaborating with LBBS, BAND-IT has made it possible for SAMCO to switch over to BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID clamps and stay within the company’s budget. They’ve also proposed alternatives, for example using the Ultra-Lok Clamping System, which has a buckle designed for just this type of demanding applications and can be installed four times faster than the time it takes using hand tools.

It just goes to show that, one way or another, BAND-IT partners with customers to make it work.

Maximum hose size8″ outside diameter

Installation Tools available 1 hand, 2 pneumatic

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