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BAND-IT® On-Demand Ordering and Delivery Keeps Schedules Tight and Costs Down

Airbag systems in vehicles

Inventory control is only one piece of the puzzle.

Energy companies like GE, Exxon and Baker Hughes are working harder than ever to manage costs in the oil patch and in subsea drilling operations. BAND-IT’s on-demand ordering and same-day delivery helps cut capital expenses while also enabling every stakeholder in the value chain to stay right on schedule.

How do we help keep operations large and small running smoothly in the unpredictable world of the energy industry? Here’s how – and why!


GlobeGrey Global Manufacturing and Distribution

Our on-demand strategy is successful because we’ve located manufacturing facilities and distribution hubs where the products are needed. That includes region such as Southeast Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Europe and of course throughout the U.S. Seems like a simple approach, but it takes a lot of resources to maintain. Through experience, we know that many of our customers need it, so we commit resources to same-day delivery through warehouse and consignment options that maximize availability, productivity and profits.

BAND-IT on-demand manufacturing applies “just in time” lean principles to the energy industry.

What makes Dual-Lokt better?

We’ll take the inventory off your books.

Flexible manufacturing allows us to tailor production on a day-to-day basis. For example, for one global energy exploration enterprise, BAND-IT ramped up production and increased regional inventory availability in anticipation of a spike in demand.


LightbulbGreyfocus on what you do best

The money you save on inventory, warehousing and management can be applied to growing other areas of your business. A bonus is that we can be accountable for lot control, traceability and even on-site inspection that streamlines regulatory compliance.


icon5Customization is our forte

As you know, every subsea project has its own set of challenges – customization is essential. We developed a new clamp, working through initial specification to product testing, in less than one week for one of our clients. That gave them the confidence to know they could move ahead with bringing their subsea reservoir monitoring device to market, and that BAND-IT could produce the high volume of special material, high performance clamps they need.

BAND-IT engineers bring decades of experience working with high-strength, corrosion resistant metals such as Alloy 400, Alloy 625, 316 Stainless Steel and Zeron 100.

What makes BAND-IT Better?

Clamps used in drilling operations are made from expensive materials. And while the manufacturing process is relatively straight ahead, companies that have tried it found sinking money into development, production and distribution is not cost-effective. That’s what we are here for, and we draw on what we’ve learned during decades in our business to deliver value, not just products, to our customers.

Our onshore oil and gas and automotive customers have been taking advantage of our on-demand delivery service for years. Now, we offer that same service to enterprises that do subsea drilling, a competitive advantage in Energy that no one can match.

75+ yearsManufacturing Experience80 years

metalsWide range of materialsStrength + Corrosion Resistance

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