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BAND-IT® Rapid New Product Development Process Accelerates Time-to-Market for Reservoir Monitoring Solution

What do you do when you have a new product that’s ready for commercialization, but can’t make that happen until you have the right fastener?

You turn to BAND-IT.

Tie-Lok Ties for Exhaust Heat Shields

The Challenge: Combining High Quality and High-Volume Production

BAND-IT was approached by an engineering company that specializes in permanent oilfield monitoring systems for offshore oil and gas companies. They needed a fastening solution for their new reservoir monitoring device, which provides data that helps elevate efficiency of offshore oil recovery. The clamp needed to stay tight and survive at the bottom of the ocean for at least 30 years. Getting the reservoir monitor to market as quickly as possible included finding a provider that could produce clamps in large volumes, in short order.


LightbulbGrey From Concept to Validation in One Week

BAND-IT design engineering team tackled the problem by recommending testing of already available clamps and concurrent evaluation of potential material compositions. The team sent several BAND-IT fastening solutions to the firm so they could determine which would work to secure the reservoir monitor. Meanwhile, BAND-IT engineers were busy identifying the ideal type of material for the application.

The clamp ultimately needed to stay tight and survive at the bottom of the ocean for at least 30 years.

What makes Tie-Lok better?

The Clamp:
Junior® Smooth ID Clamp

Process manufacturing verification and product testing were performed in less than one week! BAND-IT then was able to assure the customer that the clamps could be manufactured to the required specifications at high volumes. The clamp of choice? BAND-IT’s Junior® Smooth ID clamp in Alloy 625 material – a customized solution reached by combining a tried-and-true fastener with materials engineering expertise.


icon5Manufacturing flexibility is key

The breadth of current BAND-IT fastening types and materials immediately available for product development allowed bypassing the typically lengthy design phase and enabled the customer to promptly begin product validation. Manufacturing flexibility was also key. BAND-IT can focus production on a particular solution as needed, so once the type of clamp and materials are confirmed, manufacturing can be ramped up.

Alloy 625 Ultra-Lok Clamps are designed for mobile, quick, consistent clamping installation, providing high clamping force and gap-free inside diameter with a battery powered tool.


What makes BAND-IT better?
Rapid Product Development.

BAND-IT has the product breadth, knowledge, and focused teams that will work with you to solve your fastening challenges and meet deadlines. We work with you to get your fastening product to market quickly, enabling your business to accelerate it’s growth.

Alloy 625Chosen clamp materialAlloy 625

10 YEARSClamp objects up to48″ Diameter

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