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BAND-IT® Tie-Dex® Bands Shield and Ground Connectors in Mission Crucial Applications

On average, an airplane is struck by lightning more than once per year.

Scientific American

Airbag systems in vehicles

Purpose-Built for High Stakes Applications

Manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus take every precaution to ensure that electromagnetic interference (EMI) doesn’t interfere with operations of the aircraft and other equipment they supply to commercial and military customers. That includes relying on BAND-IT Tie-Dex bands to terminate connections and shield cables from EMI, in turn securing personal safety and continuous operations.


icon Commercial and military aircraft carry more electronic equipment with every new design

Fly-by-wire systems are replacing traditional hydro-mechanical controls. TV screens keep passengers entertained and power ports allow you to charge your phone while simultaneously using the on-board WiFi system.

The EMI generated by these and other electronic devices can disrupt pilot/control tower communications, and have been suspected of causing autopilot disconnects and erratic flight deck indications. Today’s digital control systems need to be designed in anticipation of EMI sources from the outside as well. Solar flares, radar and lightning – don’t be alarmed, but an airplane is struck by lightning once each year, on average – threaten system performance and jeopardize safety.

As many as 2,000 Tie-Dex bands could be used in an aircraft assembly.

What makes Tie-Dex better?

Developing the Right Connections

BAND-IT was approached by a California-based company that specializes in mission-critical interconnect solutions to develop a clamping system for terminating braided copper sleeving on electronic cables to connectors and backshells in aircraft.


The fastest, most precise and ergonomic installation airbag clamp system in the world.A complete solution

BAND-IT responded with an innovative, lightweight, low-profile, one-piece tie with 360⁰ circumferential sealing capabilities and EMI shielding – Tie-Dex bands. A complete solution, they are available in four configurations and can be seamlessly attached to a variety of surfaces using BAND-IT’s Hand Banding Tool (in the field) or the Pneumatic Banding Tool, for high-volume assembly and production processes – as many as 2,000 Tie-Dex bands could be used in an aircraft assembly.


BAND-IT also invented an installation system.What makes Tie-Dex Better?

BAND-IT Tie-Dex bands are available in 250 – 1000 lbs. tensile strengths, provide 360-degree clamping and are designed to meet AS85049 and M85049 U.S. military specifications. The one-piece type 304 austenitic stainless-steel clamping band grounds and virtually eliminates RFI/EMI/EMP leakage paths and stands up to thermal shock, vibration and corrosion.

Tie-Dex has been the MIL/AERO EMI/RFI management solution of choice for 30 years.

A long history of connection and protection

You might be learning about Tie-Dex today, but in truth it’s been the MIL/AERO EMI/RFI management solution of choice for 30 years. Tie-Dex is specified by commercial and military organizations when failure is not an option. In addition to safeguarding planes, Tie-Dex bands are used in MRI scanners, cable harnesses critical to powering and controlling satellites, ships, and submarines. Tie-Dex is even on board the International Space Station and the Mars Rover – now that’s out of this world EMI protection!

Tensile Strengths250-1000 lbs.

ChecklistBlueQualified to U.S. military specsAS85049 + M85049

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