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Ultra-Lok Clamps Reduce Cable Theft


Cable Theft is a Growing Problem Worldwide

Cable theft occurs globally, but in South Aftrica it’s fast becoming a national crisis. Estimates put the loss between 5-7 billion Rand (423 – 593 million USD) a year, with serious implications for the country’s economy, reliability of electricity supply and security.

Cable thefts can cause power outages that could last for days, with copper cable thefts constituting more than 90% of all these thefts. The cost of replacing the metal has a significant disruptive effect on industry and contributes to increased tariffs and prices for ordinary South Africans. Furthermore, the replacement of stolen cables has to take preference over essential maintenance.


LightbulbGrey Tamper Resistant Ultra-Lok Clamps

To deter theft, the security of any traditional cable installation can be increased by applying an Ultra-Lok clamp as frequently as every 150mm of cable. The effectiveness of the Ultra-Lok clamp was recently proved at a client site in August 2015. The client operates in the petrochemical industry, where conveyer belts are located in secluded areas and are difficult to monitor making cable theft monitoring a major challenge. The verdict, after looking at various BAND-IT ties, was that the Ultra-Lok open end clamp and installation tool would be the best suited to the client’s projects.

BAND-IT’s team was tasked with supplying the client with application tools and clamps, and provided training to the operators that installed the clamps.

Alloy 625 Ultra-Lok Clamps are designed for mobile, quick, consistent clamping installation, providing high clamping force and gap-free inside diameter with a battery powered tool.


Installation: UL4000-D Tool

For installing the Ultra-Lok clamps out in the field, BAND-IT recomended the UL400-D tool, which is ideal for mobile installations. The power tool uses pre-set tension settings with ULTRA-LOK bands to consistently achieve maximum clamping strength. One tool tightens the clamp and cuts off the tail right at the buckle for a smooth installation. Powered with a Lithium-ion battery, the UL4000-D battery charge lasts longer with consistent peak performance through the life of the battery. 

SPEED: Installs 3-5x faster than hand tools

STRENGTH: 20% stronger than band & buckle, full tension lock, provides tighter clamp than band & buckle

EASY TO USE: Training takes minutes, reduces mistakes vs. band & buckle

SAVE MONEY: Faster installation provides lowest installed costs, power tool eliminates costly training vs. band & buckle installation tools, increases productivity and quickly move to your next job

SAFETY: Less time spent in hazardous work zone, reduces injuries caused by hand tools, reduces fatigue and chronic ailments caused by hand tools, optional UL Safety Belt available

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