There are thousands of industrial uses for BAND-IT products, especially where industrial hose, plastic pipe and insulation are used. BAND-IT products are used in factories, shops, foundries, refineries, food & beverage processing, fabricating and assembly plants, construction and field installations, and agriculture.

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Clamps breaking during tensioning typically results because two important tool parts – the cutter blade and backing plate – are worn or have not been maintained per the tool instructions. Without proper maintenance, lost products, improperly tensioned hose assemblies and weakened clamp locks may result. A second cause of clamps breaking during tensioning is over-tensioning. Read more about over-tensioning here.

These problems and frustrations can be avoided with regular tool inspection and maintenance. To significantly reduce clamp installation problems, insure the bolts holding these parts are tight and and the working surfaces have been honed to remove material buildup. 

BAND-IT Junior Smooth ID hose clamps reduce the potential for leaky fitting connections. BAND-IT engineers developed this breakthrough technology through a continued effort to improve the Junior clamp. The “buckle nest” design of the Junior Smooth I.D. Clamp maintains a uniform, gap-free inside diameter that dramatically reduces leak problems. For more information about the Junior Smooth I.D. Clamp, visit the product page.

BAND-IT Totes are quickly becoming the industry standard. These handy, waterproof plastic containers dispense BAND-IT stainless steel bands, and the durable colored plastic specifies various band widths with ease. The see-through design eliminates the risk of running out of band at the job site. The totes were designed to alleviate the inconveniences of standard cardboard packaging. They hold up when rain, heat, cold, or simple rough-handling occurs. For more information, visit the product page.

Choosing the right clamp for a hose assembly should be based on the type of hose and fitting and the application of the hose assembly. Price should be considered after the correct type of clamp for the application has been chosen.

Junior Smooth I.D. Clamps

BAND-IT Junior Smooth I.D. Clamps have a Smooth Inside Diameter (SID) produce a uniform clamping surface to prevent leak paths. Center Punch clamps do not have an SID. Lower profile, as compared to CP clamps, reduces risk of snags and possible damage to the hose or fitting when dragging hose assemblies. Lip wrap lock provides a tight seal with least potential for fitting damage.

  • Junior Smooth I.D. clamps provide virtually 360° contact with the hose dramatically reducing the potential for leaks
  • Three band material choices: Type 316SS for the best corrosion resistance, Type 201SS for superior strength, and Galvanized Carbon Steel for economy combined with a selection of 5 band width clamp sizes (ranging from ¼” to ¾”) enables Junior Smooth ID clamps to be used across a wide range of hose types, diameters, and applications
  • Constructed with Type 201SS buckles to assure a strong lock (Type 316SS clamps use Type 316SS buckles)
  • Junior Smooth I.D. clamps use a lip-wrap lock, rather than a hammer punch used on CP clamps. The hammer punch can damage some fittings
  • Clamp diameters to fit hose up to 8” can be installed with BAND-IT production air tools or portable hand tools
  • Only BAND-IT offers two air powered tools–the legendary S75099 and the S35099 with automatic cutoff–both capable of reliable, consistent, production clamping
  • Junior Smooth ID clamps can be installed quickly & easily using the J00169 Junior Adapter OR J05069 Heavy Duty Junior Adapter

Center Punch Clamps

  • Somewhat faster installation as compared to Junior Smooth I.D. clamps
  • Band material choices are limited to Type 201SS for strength and Galvanized Carbon Steel for economy
  • Constructed with Type 201SS buckles to provide the strongest lock possible for a conical punch style clamp
  • One or more blows from a hammer are required to set the clamp’s conical lock (may not be compatible with all fittings. i.e. plastic, cast iron). Care must be taken to insure fittings are not cracked which might result in leaks
  • Use SM1700 Air tool

BAND-IT offers 3 styles of preformed band clamps in addition to a worm gear style clamps for lighter duty or temporary hose assemblies. To help make the right choice, first consider the application of the hose assembly.

  • What type of hose is being used?
  • What’s the pressure and temperature rating on the hose?
  • What materials will be transferred through the hose?
  • What type of fitting will be used?
  • What are the service conditions – light or heavy duty?

Advancements in hose technology have resulted as many variables in hose construction as items being transferred within these hoses. Wall thickness, laminated layers, material types and hose fitting barb designs should be considered when choosing the best clamp to meet your needs. For a detailed guide to aid your decision-making, download our help sheet.

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