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2018 Global Product Discontinuation Notice

April 12.2018

Effective April 30, 2018 the following products are discontinued:

Due to cordless power tool performance improvements and technical changes to corded drills available in the market, BAND-IT is moving away from the UL9010 (Corded Ultra-Lok Tool) and only the UL4000-D (Cordless Ultra-Lok Tool) will be available. This discontinuance is effective once the current UL9010 inventory is consumed, expected date is April 30th, 2018.

Our UL4000-D power tool supplier, Metabo, will be introducing extended run-time batteries for their power tool platform in the near future. BAND-IT will evaluate if these batteries significantly improve UL4000-D run-time and we will adjust our offering accordingly.

Nylon Coated BAND-IT Tie
Nylon Coated BAND-IT Ties are being discontinued and are being replaced by our existing PPA Coated BAND-IT Ties. PPA coating offers superior edge protection and higher rated overall performance. The buckle design changes slightly from the Nylon coated ties to the PPA coated ties, but the overall function is the same.

Nylon Coated BAND-IT Ties PPA Coated Replacement
AA1118 AE1118
AA1128 AE1128
AA1138 AE1138
AA1148 AE1148
AA1158 AE1158
AA3118 AE3138
AA3128 AE3138
AA3138 AE3138
AA3148 AE3148
AA3158 AE3158
AA3168 AE3178
AA3178 AE3178