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BAND-IT's 80th Anniversary

September 12.2017 | Press Releases

Denver, Colorado – August 10, 2017 – BAND-IT IDEX celebrates their 80th anniversary of manufacturing excellence with the launch of their new global website:

BAND-IT IDEX, the world’s leader in engineered fastening solutions, was founded in Littleton, Colorado by Holbrook Mahn to provide a fastening solution for his friend, Charlie Gates, of Gates Rubber Company.

Since its humble beginnings, BAND-IT has continued to expand its operations globally by designing and manufacturing engineered fastening solutions for markets such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Government, Hose, Oil & Gas, and the Utility segments.

Download the press release here: BAND-IT’s 80th Anniversary

“We are extremely proud of our heritage as a world class manufacturer of fastening solutions,” said Bill Reeves, BAND-IT President. “As we move into our 81st year, we will continue to support our partners in solving their most complex fastening applications.”

BAND-IT continues to evolve with unique attachment methods in harsh duty environments that are mission crucial to partner applications. Essentially Everywhere is not just a tag line but a company commitment!

BAND-IT, a unit of IDEX Corporation, is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions. Whether it’s your family driving cross-country, workers on an oil rig at sea, astronauts in space, or military troops deployed around the world, the equipment that moves them has been designed for safety and security under harsh conditions. That’s why airbag manufacturers, energy companies, the aerospace industry and our own military trust the quality, durability and diverse fastening capabilities of BAND-IT clamps. When it’s not just mission critical, but mission crucial, it better be BAND-IT!   

Thank you to all our employees, customers and partners (past and present) that has helped BAND-IT become a successful global company. To learn more about BAND-IT and its community involvement, please visit their website at: