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Constraints in the Steel Market

April 13.2021

In the last few weeks an increasing number of our customers and distributors have been asking about the constraints in the steel market and if those changes to the market landscape will be affecting our production lead times. We are happy to say that our lead times currently remain unaffected.

In the 4th quarter of 2020, while adapting to the changes in the global economy due to the pandemic, we also saw signs of constraint in the supply of more common steel alloys. Understanding the steel industry as a buyer of raw material for over 80 years, we proactively worked with our suppliers to minimize or eliminate the risk to our lead times and impact to our customers. These relationships and the buying power offered by IDEX, our parent company, are part of what makes BAND-IT the trusted supplier for critical applications like automotive airbags, aviation/aerospace, and the military.

We are constantly monitoring our supply chain, processes, and product development to minimize impacts on our customers while optimizing our warehousing for sound financial practices. At BAND-IT, producing the best engineered fastening solutions is only part of our customer obsession; ensuring the quality and availability of our products is also critical to remaining the market leader.

When It’s Not Just Mission Critical, But Mission Crucial, It Better Be BAND-IT!

For more information, or to inquire about a specific product for your joining application, please contact your account manager or our customer care team.