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Essential Applications: Securing Hose Fittings on Railway Brake Lines

July 16.2020 | Essential Applications

Railway Brake Lines Activate the Brakes on Loss of Air Pressure, but Failure of One Hose
Can Cripple an Entire Train, or Worse, an Entire Route

Flexible rubber hose assemblies are used to connect the air brake systems between carriages on freight and passenger trains. In the event of a hose failure, the brakes activate thus ensuring the safety of the train and its passengers. That’s why many major railways, rolling stock manufacturers and maintenance companies trust BAND-IT JS Preformed Clamps on brake line hose assemblies. And not all fittings are the same diameter, so the reducing diameter tensioning of a clamp is ideal. JS preformed clamps are applied with the BAND-IT S750 or S350 pneumatic tools which have variable tension settings providing confidence that the clamps are applied to the correct and consistent tension.

JS2019-blogThe BAND-IT Edge

• Low profile
• High strength
• Anti-vibration and vandal resistant
• Smooth edges for safe handling
• Pneumatic application tools for a consistent tension

Product Features

• Smooth edges
• 201 Stainless Steel for better strength and clamping force
• Preformed clamp adjusts to multiple diameters
• Available in 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, and ¾” widths