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Heavy Equipment Heat and Sound Shield Attachment – BAND-IT’s Automated Solution to Quality Control

November 22.2022 | Essential Infrastructure

With more and more heavy machinery rolling out on projects funded by the $1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill, emissions from these massive machines is a growing concern. Increasingly stringent emission standards for heavy equipment have put pressure on manufacturers and necessitated more complex exhaust systems in these diesel engines. More complex engines and a huge spike in demand for heavy equipment created a challenge for the exhaust system suppliers.

IT8000 and 3/8” TIE-LOK® Ties

  • Accommodates unlike shapes, materials and flanges
  • Enhanced tool performance, quality, and control
  • Corrosion and thermal cycling resistant in the harshest environments
  • Low Profile (less than 4 mm) accommodates tight clearance vs. competing bolt clamp designs (<10 mm)

Some of the biggest global manufacturers know BAND-IT bands and ties have proven reliability in the exhaust systems of automotive and heavy equipment and when it came time to scale production to the new demand, our customer came to us with a unique challenge: Help them scale while meeting takt time and increase the confidence in each band install with data.

Through deep relationships with our customers, BAND-IT developed a custom solution that met their challenge to scale their operations with the data needed to trust the installation of each band. The result was a new tool with industry leading clamping performance, real-time monitoring and feedback.

Utilizing the same 3/8” TIE-LOK® ties they already stocked and the IT8000, a completely new installation tool, manufacturers are able to significantly increase quality and maintenance intervals; and greatly reduce variation between operators while capturing performance data with verification of tie installation to help maximize throughput. When performance is critical, BAND-IT’s experience and expertise helps companies solve their clamping, joining, or fastening challenges.