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Maximum Diameter Reduction of Clamps Offer Best Flexibility and Reduced SKU Counts for Operators

September 18.2019 | Joining Solutions

When attaching objects together with metal banding products, the size and variation of the objects often determines the type of attachment clamps.  Variation in the circumference of the object or installation process can cause some attachment methods to increase the number of SKU’s (stock keeping unit) required and thus increasing the complexity of the operations.  The amount of diameter reduction available can also drastically increase the number of SKU’s for operators and production processes.

  • Requiring a variety of clamp sizes adds complexity to all stages of production from purchasing, stock management, to installation.
  • Adding complexity increases the chances that something will fail due to an incorrectly sized clamp being installed.
  • Increasing SKUs leads to complexity in inventory management and order processing.
  • Visually operators can’t tell the difference between clamp sizes that vary by 1/16”.



Reduced Diameter Clamp


Bolt Clamp

Pinch Ear Clamp

  tielok bolt_clamp ear_pinch

Maximum Diameter Reduction

>1 inch reduction

< 1/8” reduction

< 1/16” of reduction

The next time you are looking to attached two unlike shapes, consider the application and the process variation.  If the tolerance stack is greater than 1/8”, consider reduced diameter clamps with the most flexibility for the application and minimizes the number of SKU’s that may be required.

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