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Pole Mounting for Wireless Communications Equipment

April 01.2021 | Essential Applications

The real flexibility of BAND-IT pole mounting solutions is seen in the various mounting types utilized in the rollout of 5G mobile communications infrastructure. From attaching equipment to streetlight poles, utility poles, new monopole attenae, or traditional tower applications, BAND-IT bands, buckles, and installations tools are just the solution installers need. 

Wooden Utility Pole Mounting

Wooden pole topper with antennae.  BAND-IT bands can be used to mount the antennae to the pole topper or could mount the angle bracket for the radio located at the middle of the pole.

wood utility pole with mounted equipmentbrackets secured with metal ties



The pole top system above highlights how standard banding from BAND-IT is used to attach this bracket system to the pole. The wireless equipment is then mounted on the bracket system. 

In another typical BAND-IT installation BAND-IT roll band and ear lokt buckles are used to attach the wireless radio to the pole.  The flexibility in the BAND-IT product is on display as the wireless radios are mounted with an easy to use BAND-IT installation tool (Model C00169)

wood utility pole with equipment

Galvanized Pole with Band and Buckle

The BAND-IT band and buckle system using 1/2” stainless steel roll band and ear lok buckle to mount 5G equipment to a galvanized pole.  See below:


In the picture below, the rectangular galvanized painted pole is using stainless steel bands to mount radio and street sign equipment.  This pole is example of how our bands conform to any shape pole while highlighting BAND-IT’s versatility in mounting solutions. 


This installation above highlights the flexibility of the BAND-IT band and buckle design.  It conforms to any shape and size, withstands the elements / not susceptible to corrosion as it is most commonly made of 201SS.  Depending on the weight of the wireless device, BAND-IT bands can be installed with single of double wrap (see data link here).

Smart Pole / Monopole Applications

Local municipalities are starting to add smart pole design that disguise the wireless radio into the street light or pole.  BAND-IT bands are used for these installation as well.


The BAND-IT banding system has been used for over 80 years to attach objects together from industrial rubber hoses to the electrical cables on the Mars Rovers.  BAND-IT is the proven banding supplier in the wireless infrastructure industry.  If you would like more information on BAND-IT pole mounting applications bands and tooling please fill out a contact form and a BAND-IT specialist will reach out to you promptly.